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Three years ago, an invitation went out to join the efforts to relieve the stress of local Muslim families who juggle between putting food on the table and other necessities of life in Ramadan.  A local group formed looking to bring smiles on the faces of the children and give a helping hand to the ones who need it the most as well as increase their reward from Allah in the blessed month.  They wanted to get to know their dear brothers and sisters, shake their hands, and ask for prayers.  As the word spread, many wanted to participate and extend the project into the rest of the year.  This has led to a partnership with RashidunDC.  Here we are now, making a difference one family at a time.






Feed The Hood

Providing community members food and other basic supplies





Violence Prevention

Giving adolescents an alternative, nourishing environment





Life Skills

Educating children and adults for a bright and prosperous tomorrow. Every Thursday evening, we host a mentorship circle for young men which serves as a refuge and a means of guidance. We hope to deter violence and keep our youth off the streets by offering an alternative nourishing environment; a stepping stone to a bright and prosperous future. We don't want our participants to have to enter into a prison before learning about Islam and tasting its beauty.


Give Back

 Here's how you can assist Rashidun DC in assisting others